August 22, 2022
August 22, 2022 Angie Churn



The hip-hop, r&b artist by the name GabrielTheHeart dives into his music career, personal life, and future goals. The name GabrielTheHeart aka GTH comes from always having a passion for poetry and being creative. He mentions reading and writing poetry at a very young age which sparked his interest in music at just 5 years old. He started playing the piano at age 17 and from there he was hooked. He loved the idea of connecting poetry to music and ideas into lyrics. He’s very proud of his accomplishments and hopes to continue telling motivational stories through music. GTH emphasizes that everything he says and sings comes from the heart of his words and who he is, and is always authentic and real.

GabrielTheHeart describes his sound as a mix of hip hop, r&b conscious rap, and Neo soul. He can do it all. From the powerful lyrics and moving sound, he’s got the flow. His goal with his music is for listeners to stop and think, or catch them off guard. He wants people to be influenced by his lyrics and pay close attention. He shares that his music is for people “…who have lived certain situations and want to be able to come through it positively and healthily”.

Right now GTH has one ep called “Stories of the Heart” which came out last month. He describes this project as his favorite because “it’s the genesis of my music endeavors. On August 11th, GTH released his newest EP titled “More Heart Less Pain”, which is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. His next goals are to collab with some underground artists on some projects that are up and coming. So keep an eye out!

The solo independent artist GabrielTheHeart writes and produces all of his music. He enjoys the passion of seeing people excited about his next steps as a successful artist. Recently moving to a new state he finds it hard to network and collaborate; he hopes to continue to make new connections and find the time to dedicate to his craft. When he is not in the studio he loves to hang out with his many dogs and keep with his creative side by writing poetry and playing the piano.

In the next 5 years, GTH hopes to have influenced many lives around him and have some stability from his music career. He hopes to continue to be his authentic self, hoping fans and new listers will enjoy and appreciate all he does. He loves and adores his fans and hopes they keep supporting him along his journey.

Don’t forget to check out GabrielTheHeart’s new EP “More Hearts Less Pain” out now on all streaming platforms. Make to follow GTH on his social media to keep up to date on future projects and events @_theofficialg.t.h

Instagram: _theofficialg.t.h
Youtube: GabrielTheHeart

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