Arlin Musane: Just Getting Started

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Arlin Musane: Just Getting Started

West Coast rapper, Arlin Musane, knows his calling is Hip-Hop! The Los Angeles native has always had serious supporters. As a child, his granny used to tell him that he was going to grow up to become an entertainer, although he didn’t quite see himself being in the spotlight until recently. Although has only been making music for a year, Arlin Musane brings the confidence and tools needed to breakthrough in this industry!

Before music, the independent artist had to grow up quicker than most kids. Being in a toxic household, Arlin Musane turned to the streets for influence and guidance. As the oldest child, he felt it was necessary to do what he had to do to make money. Spending much of his adolescent time seeing and being influenced by things children should not have to deal with, Arlin Musane knew he had to change up his lifestyle in order to achieve success. He accredits this to his teachers, Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Codio, for teaching him important life skills such as reading and how to grow in uncomfortable situations.

As someone who writes his own lyrics, Arlin Musane strives to use his music to positively influence those who feel as though their voices are not heard. He states, “I want to impact the ears who are quiet, who never are heard, and ignored, but have plenty to say, but feel like their words won’t make an impact.” He mixes his lyrics with a smooth, yet aggressive sound that he feels matches his personality. He attributes his sound to influences such as Nipsey Hussle, Drake, and J. Cole.

Arlin Musane stands out from other rappers because he knows he is “irregular.” He is okay with being judged and not following the norms, which appears in his music. This past July, the artist dropped his first EP called Tales from Da Musane, which includes 7 songs! While you’re listening to this (on all platforms), Arlin Musane will be putting in the work for his next upcoming projects! You can also check out his visual for single, “On One,” below.

Arlin Musane is just getting started.

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