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“Haqq” Gives Baltimore A New Sound…….

Haqq the Baltimore rapper brings the truth to Hip-Hop, not only In his lyrics but in his name. Haqq started speaking life into his music career In 2011 recorded his first record “What you do to me”, In May 2011. When Haqq started it was a fresh start to expressing the truth and reality of…
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The vibrant gritty sound of the South Carolina recording artist “Dro Montana”, grasps the industry with full force with her subtle lyrics she naturally intrigues the ears & eyes of every listener and viewer. Dro Montana’s name derives from her interest in the cannabis world, and Montana from the traits of Tony Montana, so together…
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“Dough So Official” Anaheim’s Breakthrough Artist…..

DOUGH SO OFFICIAL Breaking artist “Dough So Official” is putting Anaheim, California on the Map. With his unique sound, he brings any beat to life. “Dough So Official” represents the ultimate hustlers mentality, he has capitalized off of all the opportunities presented to him to make music and utilized his resources which has now turned…
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A.T. The Uplifter Drops his most recent EP – “Changes”

Los Angeles, April 22 2020: Contemplative and Creative with a No-Nonsense demeanor  – rapper A.T. The Uplifter released his highly anticipated EP called “Changes” on February 23, 2020.  His new fan awaited EP “Changes” is an introspective and personal narrative about dealing with unpredictable curves that life can throw sometimes, all in all, the record…
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