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Bre-Z Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

Bre-Z stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss how she landed the role of Freda Gatz on the mega hit show Empire. Bre-Z was a regular working person before Empire. She used to cut hair and had some famous clients like Akon and Ludacris. She auditioned for Lee Daniels' sister Leah and was offered the role. 

Her character has been compared to Dej Loaf and when asked if Freda was fashioned after her Bre-Z said that she was not and that she had some input into shaping the character. 

Check out the interview below to learn more about Bre-Z and her role on Empire as well as the following topics. 

- It bothered a lot of people around her that they were calling her Fantasia Loaf.
- She appreciates everything, if they ain't talking, what are we doing?
- She is a barber, has been cutting hair since she was 10 years old.
- She cut Akon and Ludacris' hair. She kept her rapping to herself, she wasn't trying to get them to listen to her music.
- Comes from a family of barber's. Began working in barbershop when she was 14.
- Did she think playing Freda Gatz would confuse people about her own career?
- Wrote for Jennifer Lopez and Dr. Dre.
- What's her connection with Philly? She was working with Freeway.
- How's it working with Terrence and Taraji?
- How is everything on social media for her?
- Has never seen anything that she considers negative about herself.
- Plus much more

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