Cover Contest Winner "Hustler of the Week"

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Cover Contest Winner "Hustler of the Week"





Lakia Johnson, Founder and CEO of Beauty On The Go, a mobile beauty and spa company that provides manicures, pedicures, facials, makeup, crowns and robes to young ladies and their friends on their birthday, is native of Cleveland, Ohio. 

“We make them feel like little princesses & like royalty”, says Lakia. I enjoy doing this because I realized it’s never too early for girls to be mentored, inspired or to be taught self-love & hygiene. My goal is to inspire young ladies to celebrate their beauty & uniqueness.”



Lakia is very optimistic, adventurist and outgoing. She can sing and dance, and she loves trying new things. She was born to stand out, not to blend in. Her goal everyday is to do more than just exist.

Lakia entered Ohio’s Internationally known Author, Jameel Davis’s book cover contest for his upcoming anticipated book, “In Between These Sheets” and was selected by Davis’s panel of judges to appear on the front cover.

“I like to involve real people, especially a deserving black woman from my community in my work. It makes the process of creating a book much more exciting. Lakia’s beautiful features alone didn’t qualify her for the cover. My team chose her because she’s a deserving woman who will represent my work well. She was chosen based off her character, personality, her service to the community and how well the opportunity to appear on the cover of my book can benefit her, her family and her dreams.


As the featured model on my new book, Lakia will be recognized by thousands of people for her art and contributions, as her photo, biography and business information will be included in the front of each print and digital copy of the book.


I am excited that we have selected Lakia Johnson as my book cover model. She is nothing less than amazing.”



 Jameel Davis 

Photo by Cierra Hicks, Wardrobe Designer and Stylist


On Sunday April 14, 2019, Jessica Bacon our Executive Assistant, coordinated a photo and video shoot at the SpringHill Suites in Independence, Ohio for Davis’s In Between These Sheets and Lakia Johnson. The purpose of the event was to shoot the book cover (not pictured above) and to create a promotional video to promote the book release this August.

Lakia’s gown and robe was designed by Cierra Hicks and her makeup was done by Velicia Courtese.

The cover and video set was coordinated and directed by Jessica, Cierra and Creative Director Kevin Conwell Jr., Wake Hustle Grind who will be designing the book’s cover. The book cover visuals were taken by Jedi Arts Photography. Event visuals were created by Q Presents.

Photos and videos from the event will be released at a later date. The book cover will not be unveiled until the book release this August.


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