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“In life, you need either inspiration or desperation.” – Tony Robbins The problem for most of us is that we’re too comfortable. We struggle to step outside of that comfort zone and therefore never make much progress where we need it most. Sure, some of us are naturally driven. Great parents, mentors, friends, siblings, etc. can teach us how to achieve what we want while helping us become disciplined enough to work towards it. But, most of us probably don’t have that, at least not yet. Unfortunately, many of the most famous and successful people you see today had to hit...

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  When Cardi B visits her favorite nail salon in the Bronx, she enters through a raggedy hallway covered with a rug emblazoned with the image of a $100 bill. The salon, which overlooks a bustling avenue of pizza shops, sports-gear superstores, and boutiques with weaves in 70 colors, is a temple to money, excess, and sexiness, symbolized in the application of nails that look like diamond-encrusted Buck knives. Portraits of two icons of pulchritude hang on the walls—namely, Marilyn Monroe and the very 2019 version of Marilyn: Cardi.   With a posse that includes her dad, her half-sister, her...

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    Dame Dash once again revisits his past with his former business partner Jay-Z and the rapper's controversial one-time collaborator, R. Kelly.Earlier today (Jan. 8), Nick Cannon posted a snippet of an upcoming episode of his he had with Dame, and in it, the entrepreneur admitted that he looked the other way when Jay-Z began working with Kelly, who had married Dame's then-girlfriend, Aaliyah, when she was just 15 years old."So what you think I felt. I'm human bro. I had to look the other way, all these years," Dame says on the upcoming his Cannon's Class podcast. "That...

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