Body Bagg Jonez Drops Hit Single “Popular Demand”

June 3, 2020
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June 3, 2020 Jackiie LA

A father , husband  and creator “ Body Bagg Jonez”, originates from Long Beach, CA. He started making music in his early teen years at the age of 15 years old from writing poetry and eventually transitioned to writing songs. With musical influences like Ludacris, Snoop, Nelly and Jay-Z you’re able to get to know “Body Bagg Jonez” a little more. Jonez recorded his first song ever with his friends in the Slauson District. Jonez isn’t your average artist with so much experience being apart of three very popular groups

 (Lmkr, We On Mars, & LMG). Jonez is now with an upcoming production and management team called “Free People’s Army”. He’s fresh off releasing GQ Papi’s “Summertime Vibes” a project that has a hit record called “Practice” Feat. Cuzzy Capone. Currently working on a Project titled “ Body Bagg Jonez/ The BoogieMan”A two-sided project. Body Bagg Jonez’s goal is to stay authentic and let the world know being an individual takes courage, and courage is something this world does not see enough of. Body Bagg Jonez lives by “We out here, cause we doubt here”

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