Business Extraordinaire Turns Music Extraordinaire: Meet Senior

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Business Extraordinaire Turns Music Extraordinaire: Meet Senior

Senior, based out of Canada, is an ace, taking the business world by storm and is coming to do just that with music! His first song ever recorded was just finished this past July, but don’t let that make you think Senior can’t easily take over the Alternative R&B game. Racking in over 21,000 listeners a month just on Spotify alone, Senior is just getting started!

Although Senior has been singing since a teenager, he did not start considering a career in music until he gained amazing feedback from snippets of his songs that he posted on his Instagram. Senior writes all of his own songs consisting of 99.99% real life experiences. He explains, “My goal is to share my stories & life experiences and connect people together. There is a lot of crazy ideas and stories coming up with my songs.” On average, it only takes the business wiz 15-20 minutes to write an entire song!

Because Senior enjoys every genre of music, it is hard for him to lay a finger on which genre he categorizes himself under. He is especially inspired by the sounds of Drake, Lil Baby, and The Weeknd, but personally describes his sound as Alternative R&B/Pop, mixed with hints of Hip-Hop! Senior strives to musically connect people on a soul level because he believes that human connection is a fundamental need. The artist gains his motivation from all of his 100+ employees that he works with daily.

He currently has two singles released called, “Alexandra,” and “Trust In Me,” in which listeners can definitely connect a Drake and The Weeknd vibe! This coming month, Senior plans to drop his first album titled, I Feel Better Alone, on October 15th. On Instagram, Senior gave us a little taste of what the album will contain, including a small snippet of a featured single, “Percocet My Love.”

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Other: twitter: 111jameswilliam

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