August 24, 2022 Angie Churn

Chicago Rapper Picasso De Conscience Is Making Hits!

Chicago is lighting up the streets with new music from innovative and creative artists who are striving to hit the heights of the mainstream media.  With a cinematic approach and imaginative delivery style, Picasso De Conscience is yet another breakout star with the passion and experience to be in the music game.

Using various styles to attract viewers with his cinematic performance, Picasso has now turned into a refreshingly unpredictable element as a performing artist.  Picasso is influenced by multiple genres and media showing he is not afraid to break the boundaries to be creative.

Releasing his first mixtape in 2020, Picasso’s great inspiration was from artists like Big L and Biggie, which helped him to strike lyrics that can only come from a music mind and then performed with vibrant sound on a trending lifestyle topics.
Turning to the teaser of his textured sound, “Last Blunt Before The Next Show”, Picasso has taken his listeners to a new level of visual boundaries and leading his fans to know they can expect new and fresh every time.  Picasso has been turning the tables quite well and exceeding the expectations with entertainment levels. 
His creativity has only grown stronger in 2022 as he is hitting the box with his latest masterpiece such as Pissed off, Assets, Mona Lisa and more making competitors think; “What will this guy do next?”.  The fan following has increased with factors like working with influencers and using new techniques.  Being the artist he is, Picasso is thinking of changing the dynamics of music through visuals as he is looking to swarm the streams.
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