DJ PacWeezy Drops Newest Single “Main Bitch”

October 27, 2020
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October 27, 2020 admin

DJ PacWeezy Drops Newest Single “Main Bitch”

“City2City, Coast2Coast,” DJ PacWeezy out of Seattle, Washington definitely brings the heat with his West Coast sound. His passion for music and discovering underground artists inspired him to shed light on artists who deserve more recognition. Over the past couple of years, DJ PacWeezy has connected artists and producers from California and Washington to create unlikely collaborations and sounds. His goal is to make music his full time career by using his brand to invest in others.

DJ PacWeezy created his name by combining his favorite professional football player’s name and his favorite artist together- Adam “Pacman” Jones and Lil Wayne. He is heavily influenced by West Coast artists such as E-40, Too $hort, Snoop Dogg, Mozzy, and YG, but has also been compared to some of his favorites, such as DJ Drama and DJ Khaled!

DJ PacWeezy recalls a time in his life where he realized he could really influence a crowd with the type of music he played. He says, “When I was at school, I went to parties every weekend and most of the parties I used to go to where not that live. So, I started playing music at every party I went to, and from then on, the whole school started listening to West Coast music.” Another pivotal point in DJ PacWeezy’s life was the passing of his best friend. He explains, “I used to show him new music and put him on so many new artists. Right before he passed, I used to brainstorm all the ideas I had planned for the future to him… I always told myself that I was going to do this for him and I wouldn’t give up on our mission.”

What makes DJ PacWeezy shine over other artists is the fact that he is willing to work with anyone he sees talent in. Nowadays, social media can be a huge influence on who we see as “valuable.” With DJ PacWeezy, the number of followers does not matter. Because he’s worked with artists who often got overlooked, DJ PacWeezy has evolved and created singles, mixtapes, and albums.

DJ PacWeezy’s projects include, Faded Friday (2018), City2City Coast2Coast (2019), and Before the Fame (2020). The independent artist has also released multiple singles, included his latest, “Main Bitch,” which can be found on all major streaming platforms and the link below! DJ PacWeezy also has a new album in the works titled, “NewEraDJ,” which is expected to be released in 2021.

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  • YouTube Channel: DJ PacWeezy

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