“Don’t change for nobody”: Behind OGPD’s Latest Mixtape “MPR”

September 20, 2021
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September 20, 2021 Kalisha Perera

“Don’t change for nobody”: Behind OGPD’s Latest Mixtape “MPR”

The up-and-coming artist is focused on remaining authentic.

Last month, OGPD released his latest mixtape MPR, a collection of new music that brings all the vibes. His style is a testament to his authenticity— something one can easily notice in the ease with which he rides the beat, how real and true his lyrics are to his own life. As a self-made artist and entrepreneur, OGPD is constantly encouraging his listeners not only to dance and have fun, but to go out and get it. With his dreams of becoming a mogul and the concrete steps he’s taking to do so—including growing his collective “1050” and venturing into other fields such as real estate and film production—OGPD assures his listeners that they’re taking advice from the right person.

OGPD has roots in music, intertwined with his background as a born-and-raised New Yorker with Caribbean heritage and down-South ties. His father was one of the biggest DJs in uptown New York in the early to mid-90s, and it wasn’t long before a young OGPD fell in love with the craft himself— building songs, studying instrumentation, and understanding song structure and technicalities. He moved to Atlanta and began working behind-the-scenes before eventually starting his own music career. With both an EP and mixtape released this year, OGPD is on a roll.

Now, he hopes to grow 1050, bring his music to the world’s stage, and become a mogul, giving back to his community along the way. For OGPD, staying true has been the key. “Stay true to yourself,” he advises his fans and other up-and-coming artists. “Don’t change for nobody.” 

You can stream OGPD’s latest mixtape MPR here and on all streaming platforms. Watch the visual for “24:7”, his hit single off the mixtape, below, and keep up with OGPD on Instagram @_OGPD_. 

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