Find Out What’s Beneath the Surface With JR Nash.

July 24, 2020 Katherine Molina

Music has no boundaries! According to JR Nash, the up-and-coming artist from Alabama believes music is all about freedom to express your thoughts and creativity. Growing up the “quiet kid” it came to a surprise when his peers listened to his music for the first time. It was through music where he was able to express his feelings and get a lot off his chest. It all started when he was 13 years old and began freestyling alongside his friend DP. Thanks to DP’s support JR Nash says he received the confidence to continue building and the rest was history.

The lyric based artist says most of his sound is inspired by his personal life. “I try to always use real life experiences as the foundation for my songs.” He explained, “Once the foundation is set, I basically build on that to further bring the listener into my world to make them feel as if they’re actually going through the things being spoken about on the song.”

With his music, his goal is to impact people who are battling different problems in their life. Whether that be with relationships, personal insecurities, or money issues.

He added, “I  hope that by me being so open about personal battles that I go through in my music, it will help people feel more comfortable in their own skin so they can gain the confidence to express themselves when they’re battling certain things instead of bottling everything in.”

Some of JR Nash’s earlier influences in music were Jay Z, Kanye West, and J Cole. Each artist for bringing something new and fresh to their era. Now the independent artist reveals he still looks up to HOV for being a business mogul and creating his empire with Roc Nation. He also admires Diddy for his ownership of RevoltTV and lastly Rihanna for launching her Fenty brand. With age, JR Nash realized how important the business side of the industry is and looks closely to business moves made by other artists.

When it comes to making music JR Nash would love to collaborate with some of the hottest ladies in the game right now!

“I haven’t been able to collaborate with any big names yet.” He revealed, “BUT I’d love to work with a few of the dope female artists who are good songwriters like Kehlani, H.E.R., Summer Walker, or Ella Mai.”

Most importantly JR Nash says his family specifically his future family is his motivation! After watching Dame Dash on an interview with The Breakfast Club he said one of his quotes really stuck with him. Dame said, “hustle for your last name”.

Since then JR Nash says he got to thinking. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I had the worst childhood.  My parents were able to give me and my sister a descent upbringing. But my goal is to build on that”. He revealed, “I want to put my kids in an even better position that my parents put me in, so they can come into adulthood with opportunities provided to them from within the family.”

This month the independent artist released his debut album, “Beneath the Surface” and it’s definitely a vibe!

Check out his debut album “Beneath the Surface” available on all major streaming platforms.

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