April 12, 2022 Angie Churn

Frank D Is Here To Guide The Culture

Independent artist Frank D wants to go down as one of the greats and be mentioned in barbershop arguments. The artist has a goal of dropping a hit record that is nationally recognized! The Nashville Tennessee artist got his name from a mix-up. He used to mumble a lot. His real name is “Fred” but due to the mumbling, they heard “Frank” instead. The name “Frank” just stuck with him throughout the years. 

Frank D is musically inspired by his life as well as his family and friends. He realized street life was not for him at a young age. The artist wants his music to guide his cousins and nephews that are still living that street life. The artist would describe himself as a rapper. He loves to spit. When listening to his music, you can hear a compilation of gritty sounds with a mix of conscious rap and real motivation.

Frank D is motivated by his kids and his lady. He aspires to be someone his kids can be proud of and aspire to be like! The artist gives back to the community by donating food to the neighborhoods and giving homeless people money.  Show some love to Frank D by listening to his music on YouTube!

Instagram: tharealfrankd

YouTube: frank d