G Premacy: Taking Risks, Achieving Success

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G Premacy: Taking Risks, Achieving Success

Starting in 2014 with just a USB Skype microphone and a du-rag used as a pop filter, G Premacy has prevailed throughout the years. From making risky moves such as moving to Denver, Colorado with $500 to his name, to facing a near death experience, the New York native has won the title of Colorado Solo Artist of the Year 2015, opened for Maino in the heart of New York, and has gained FM airplay in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. He is a jack of all trades, being able to write, record, and engineer his own music, while also shooting his own music videos and marketing himself. G Premacy has rightfully been compared throughout the years to rappers, Wale, and his biggest inspiration, Busta Rhymes. Tap in to G Premacy’s work below!

What is your genre? How would you describe your style?

Hip-Hop. I carry an interesting fusion based in a positive, and educated style of messaging, paired with a “street” and somewhat aggressive tone. I’m from the era of “bars and flow,” so lyrics and delivery are very important to me. My style was originally influenced, and maintains roots, in the Busta Rhymes sound. Beyond that, there are many East coast and New York artists that have subconsciously lent influence over the decades.  Prior to listening to much of him, I was often compared to Wale back in the early days.  Since then, I’ve grown into my own style and sound. 

Who is your motivation to keep pushing?

My parents work way too hard to not have everything they’ve ever wanted. The life they live is great, but the one they deserve is attainable, and I’m going to help them live it. Beyond that, all my siblings are extremely supportive and I’m motivated to win simply because they want me to. They’re some of the rarest characters that I’ve come across and I’ve been blessed to have them as my siblings. Last, but not least, my motivation comes from my brothers around me – those that have been grinding by my side for the greater part of the last 10 years.  Beats Anonymous is an amazing producer who’s built a premier studio here in our city of Buffalo, as well as a network of young professionals all helping one another to advance in life.  My manager, Kenneth “Chu” is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. He’s always seen a level of talent that others may not have been able to just yet. My bro, Tw1tch, has been in my life since 2014, but our bond is as strong as it is with any of my brothers I’ve grown up with. We share visions and understandings that I’ve never found in another person in my life.

Who are the top 3 artists that you currently look up to? 

Busta Rhymes, for his lifelong influence on me. Jay-Z, for his business acumen and ability to become a cornerstone, permanent fixture in the Hip Hop history books. Lil Wayne, for his unwavering individuality, creativity, and ability to transcend generations and mediums.

What impact are you looking to make with your music? Who do you want to impact?

I want to be an example to all the people who carry greatness, but may lack the confidence to just go for it. My core message is, and has always been, “Live your life how you see fit.” You can’t waste your energy worrying about what others think of you or your decisions. They almost always lack context.

Although G Premacy is currently not signed to a label, he has made some major moves including landing a live interview on radio station, Shade45, making an appearance on both 50 Cent’s official website, This Is 50, and The Source. He has also opened for superstar artist, Tory Lanez. G Premacy has also released his albums, The Move in 2016, and The Resurgence in 2018. You can also expect the album, The Transition, to be dropped in October of this year!

Check out the song, “G.O.A.T.” featuring his close friend and talented rapper, Tw1tch, and stay updated with G Premacy’s accomplishments through:

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