Get To Know Isaiah Tilson and His New Single ‘Candy Coated’ 

November 19, 2021 Angie Churn

Get To Know Isaiah Tilson and His New Single ‘Candy Coated’ 

Isaiah Tilson was born in Fairbanks Alaska and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He started as a Hip Hop rapper but has branched out to a new sound including some jazz, pop, and rock. Isaiah has a unique sound a mix of styles but it’s nothing short of pleasing to the ear. As he works on his plan to tour nationwide he recently released ‘Candy Coated’  produced by R.O.I and features Conrad Varela on the guitar.  ‘Candy Coated’ has a jazzy pop-funk feel which gives listeners a smooth song to vibe too.

As an independent artist, Isaiah has faced many hardships but has been motivated by many to keep cultivating and creating. He currently gives voice lessons at Alice Coopers Solid Rock Teen Center where he used to go at age 17. It was the first safe space where he got to express himself safely and now gives back to the community by teaching a younger generation.

In the next 5 years, Isaiah hopes to release more projects, tour, and increase his fan base. Along with his newest track ‘Candy Coated’, he has 1 album titled “Classed Up”, followed by 4 singles and 4 covers that is streaming on all platforms. Isaiah is a family man so when he isn’t creating he does anything to keep him active as well as spend time with his wife and dog Bilbo. In an interview with Angie from What’s Poppin LA he revealed that he is working on some EP / Album concepts with singer Jack London, so stay tuned! To stream ‘Candy Coated’ check out the link below!

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