September 23, 2022
September 23, 2022 Angie Churn


Written By: Faith Pina

Deph Voice is making large strides in the music world. Raised in Chesapeake, Virginia and going through life being partially deaf which inspired his name, he has come a long way, and he isn’t stopping here. He portrays himself as a rebel without a cause- a cast out. He creates his music in the HipHop genre, with a LoFi style.

Wanting to give back to the community, Deph Voice tells us that he would love to open up his own studio to be able to help people start working towards a career. He is a culinary artist as well, on the side, and he fully supports the importance of making something for yourself.

After 11 years of writing, and six years of putting out official music, he is thrilled with his accomplishments, and knows he has a lot to come. Deph Voice is currently an independent artist, which produces and writes his own music, and he is waiting to be signed for his outstanding talents.

“Life is hard and expect it to only get harder. There is not a cake walk in this. It is a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence.” We appreciate the realism that Deph Voice gives us, and we are excited for he has coming at us next.

Make sure to check out all of Deph Voice’s recent music and follow him on his journey.