Ghostwriter LA Drops New Track, “Hot Zone” ft. OT The Real & Nikki Barbados.

July 20, 2020 Katherine Molina

Songwriter/Producer Ghostwriter LA is a European artist from Sweden that moved to the United States as an exchange student but now he is following his dream to be in the music industry. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he moved from city to city while working on screenplays and books. In 2014, The songwriter/producer moved to Los Angeles, CA to be closer to the entertainment capital of the world! Music is a lifelong commitment for the songwriter/producer. Earlier this year he released his debut album “BEATS” and has also dropped countless singles since.

The independent artist recorded his first record “Soul Lo” with rap group ILLTRAKKERZ back in 1996. He took a long break and in 2017 he began working in production once again. His unique sound is inspired by 1970’s soul and 1990s rap and Rnb. Ghostwriter LA’s musical inspiration comes from some of greats including Puccini, Isaac Hayes, Kool G Rap, 2Pac, Mobb Deep, and 6lack. Music makes the songwriter/producer feel free from all worries of the world. In fact, he is a jack of all trades, he writes, produces, and engineers all his music.

In 2019, he released a song titled, “SICK” which changed the direction of his career forever. Following the release of this single, Ghostwriter LA was feeling uninspired and played around with the thought of possibly quitting music for good. It wasn’t until a fan named John tuned into his Instagram Live to tell him that his track “SICK” had saved his life.

Ghostwriter LA recalls, “He said he loved my songs. I called him up and he proceeded to tell me that he had been locked up in a psychiatric clinic for four weeks, and when he had just come out, he heard my song, SICK. He said that hearing that track made him feel that he wasn’t so alone.”

Talking to his fan left such a huge impact on Ghostwriter LA especially because his goal is for his music to make a positive impact on the world. That was his sign to keep on pushing. The songwriter/producer has been grinding ever since. Some of his greatest accomplishments include being the only European artist to drop a track with the legend Kool G Rap and being considered to join a label as a songwriter.

“I’ve been approached by Justice from Love Renaissance to potentially be included in their Super Team for songwriting and production.” He explained, “That would be amazing since I’m a huge fan of 6lack and Summer Walker.”

Ghostwriter LA has a lot up his sleeve! He’s currently producing an EP for very talented rapper by the name of TR3YR. Together they are dropping his EP in early August – but have a single on the way called UP! coming out on July 24.

Aside from that, TODAY he released a new track  titled, “HOT ZONE” featuring OT The Real & Nikki Barbados.

HOT ZONE featuring OT The Real & Nikki Barbados, OUT NOW! Check it out down below!

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