Hafto Delivers Third Project “Love, A Drug”

January 7, 2022
January 7, 2022 Angie Churn

Hafto Delivers Third Project “Love, A Drug”

Hafto is far from your average artist. When describing the meaning behind his artist’s name he goes on to say “The name came up when I was making music and wanted to express myself. I was like I have to do it and repeated it in my head. I eventually thought of “have to” and changed it up the wording. It also means weeks in Hindi as well.” The Texas musician has been in the industry for about 3 years but has been playing music since the age of 8. After releasing his first track is when he knew he was destined to do this.

When asked where he sees himself in the next five years, Hafto responded “I see myself settled down with a partner and keeping lowkey. Happiness is the goal, and I will have it one way or another with the right person.”

In his newest release, “Love, A Drug,” Hafto focuses on love and a 6 track EP. The title is also a play on words that can be interpreted in two different ways. The first way that the title can be interpreted as is that it is Love, A drug which someone loves drugs, and the other way is that Love itself is a Drug. Hafto explains “The album has many different interpolations from Prince, The Weeknd, Maroon 5, Kanye West, Drake and other artists that helped to paint a picture.” The project also helped to serve as therapy for the artist as he was dealing with some issues. There is a hidden story that the listener needs to find. He is currently working on, a spoken-word piece surrounding the topic of love. Be sure to check out his music on all streaming services!

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