Houston Artist J Wade Brings Authenticity to Hip-Hop Music

December 30, 2020
December 30, 2020 admin

Houston Artist J Wade Brings Authenticity to Hip-Hop Music

Hip-Hop artist, J Wade, out of Houston, Texas is emerging through the music game to show that artists who are real and authentic with their lyrics, can still make it big. J Wade writes and freestyles his own music, where he talks about topics that are naturally raw, true, and honest. Get to know more about the independent artist below!

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?

I would describe my sound as something naturally raw, true, and very much so authentic…the type of sound that certain individuals can naturally understand and relate to. I would describe my style the same way:  raw, true, and authentic.

When did you start experimenting with music?

I started doing music my junior year in high school. Me and a few friends used to freestyle for fun, but one of my friends at the time had an in-home studio, and I made my first song around the age of 16. [I] didn’t start taking it seriously, though, until I dropped my first video, plus a few songs, and seen that people were actually feeling it and giving it good reviews, so we stepped it up a notch.

What made you decide to pursue music?

I’ve always loved music. I’ve always wanted music to be apart of my life because when I used to listen to certain songs and could actually relate to some of them, it made me think about things I’ve been through and that I could possibly tell my story through music as well, while also changing lives of the ones around me that I have genuine love for.

Tell us what inspires your music.

My life inspires my music , the desire to take those I have genuine love for away from poverty inspires me every single day to make a change.

Who are the top 3 artists that you look up to?

This is a hard one because there’s not necessarily a set 3 artists that I look up to. I look up to and admire any artists that I can relate to that’s been in the same situations and hardships that I’ve been through or similar…the ones who stand on the same morals as me that got themselves out of a negative situation to win and change the lives of those who have genuine love for them.

What are your specific goals when it comes to your music career?

My goals with my music career is simple- to SUCCEED, so I can be put in position to change the lives of those around me who are depending on me and have genuine love for me. I want my music to really generate to people who come from nothing, those that come from poverty, naturally wanting to get out of their negative situation. I want people to hear me and relate to certain things and understand that even though it may be rough in the beginning, always keep your head up and know better days are coming.

Talk to us about some incidents that majorly impacted your career.

It’s more than just a couple of incidents/stories that has impacted my journey and my music. I can’t touch basis on everything in one swoop, but I can give some insight. My pops was in and out of jail growing up. I started messing around with selling drugs at the age of 12-13 and stopped asking momma for money. I stopped staying with my mom at the age of 16, and been on my own in Houston from 16-24yrs old. I’ve dealt with disloyal friends that I thought would be with me until the end. I was in jail the whole year of 2018 for manufacturing & aggravated assault. I’ve been put into certain situations that cant be spoken on, but it’s all to say that I made it through all these things and you can hear the seriousness, the drive, and passion in my music when you hear it and understand it.

What do you think you are most known for?

I’m most known for keeping things true and raw, having natural, good vibes with genuine intentions, but will always and forever stand on my ethics and morals as a man when taking respect into consideration.

This year, J Wade dropped 3 singles titled, “4th Down,” “Free Smoke,” his newest single titled, “2020,” that listeners can check out on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube!

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