Independent Artist 9Bird 2k Pushes Boundaries By Keeping His Music Fresh and Different.

July 21, 2020 Katherine Molina

9Bird 2k, Independent Artist from Marrero, New Orleans wants to be a positive influence in the music industry. Its no doubt that the young new artist is ready to blow up the game with his ability to keep things fresh and different. 9Bird 2k’s alternative, hip hop, and rnb debut album titled, “I’m…2K” has a wide variety of different sounds that has everyone hyped.

The independent artist isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. “My sound and style is very diverse and unique I don’t really like to make repetitive similar sounding music” He explained, “I know a lot of artist may say this but in my first project top to bottom nothing sounds the same even with my features.”

9Bird 2k began his music journey during his sophomore year in college. However, he recalls always having a passion for writing poetry especially when he was younger. His admiration for poetry blossomed into what would later turn into his passion for creating music. In 2018, the independent artist released his first record after going through a breakup. In fact, he gives credit to Juice WRLD for pushing him create music that would help express his true feelings.

“Juice WRLD Rest his soul, is the reason I was able to write my first song.” He explained. “He was the first artist that I could relate to musically that kinda laid the format out that I was looking for especially with me going through a breakup.”

The Hungry, Young New Artist’s ability to be versatile is what sets him apart from anybody in the game right now. He strives to be different so that his music is ever lasting and played for years to come.

“I don’t want to be a guy who gets there and was a trending topic for a few months and only known for a couple songs.” He mentioned, “I want to transcend and eventually grow my own label and put on young dudes like me just looking for an opportunity that many won’t give.”

His biggest motivation is his 3-year-old son Kingston. 9Bird 2k expresses how his son changed his life in ways he could never possibly imagine. Growing up without a father, it gives him the extra push to make sure that his son can have anything he wants in this world.

Currently, 9Bird 2k is working on an EP that he plans to release on his birthday on August 14. New Music is already on the way but for now you can stream his debut album titled, “I’m…2k” available on all major streaming platforms.

IG: 9bird_2k

Facebook: Kirk Kelley

SnapChat: Kirk_Kelley 

Twitter: phenomenal _78

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