Independent Artist Wave Matthews Set to Drop Collaborative Album with Group “RidgeSZN”

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Independent Artist Wave Matthews Set to Drop Collaborative Album with Group “RidgeSZN”

Wave Matthews from New York is not a force to be reckoned with. The artist not only has a unique and melodic sound due to being able to switch from Hip-Hop, R&B, and Latin vibes, but also writes, engineers, and can produce his own music. This level of drive started very early on in Wave Matthews’ life.

Before moving to New York City to expand his fan base, Wave Matthews found himself spending many sleepless nights, at a young age, learning how to use music computer programs in hopes of making beats for artists to rap and sing over. The eclectic artist then went from producing, to singing and rapping, to getting his first glimpse of what it was like to perform in front of crowds. He gained the confidence he needed, and music has since then, consumed his life.

Wave Matthews also has an extra strength that many rappers do not- he is bilingual. The R&B artist stands out with his ability to speak and write in Spanish. He owes this talent to his hardworking family who not only provided him with his first keyboard to start creating music, but for introducing him to Latin music at a young age.

Although inspired by Latin artists, Wave Matthews gives credit to Jay-Z, Drake, and The Weeknd for being influential examples on how to carry oneself in the music industry. In hopes of following in their footsteps, Wave Matthews’ goals are to make it onto the Billboard 100, and perform at large arenas like Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center.

To date, Wave Matthews has performed with Craigy F at Subterranean in Chicago, and opened up for Cozz from Dreamville. He was also scheduled to perform at SXSW this year, but it was unfortunately cancelled. On a positive note, “Gold,” Wave Matthews’ collaborative single with Craigy F, was added to model, Chantel Jeffries’, Soundcloud playlist. This ended up giving Wave Matthews the most views he has ever gotten on a song. Wave Matthews’ songs have also been played on huge airwaves such as New York City’s HOT 97, and Connecticut’s HOT 93.7.

Wave Matthews is currently working on the collaboration album, RidgeSZN 3, with his group RidgeSZN, which is scheduled to drop this July 2020! More exciting news? Wave Matthews is set to drop his own solo album before the end of this year!

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