Introducing the Jack of all trades: JaQ

December 15, 2021
December 15, 2021 Angie Churn

Introducing the Jack of all trades: JaQ

Written By: Diana Matache

 Growing up, JaQ didn’t have it easy, so instead of focusing on what he didn’t necessarily have, he focused on what he could do to better his life. The ‘Q’ in JaQ represents the magnifying glass in his lifelong search for enlightenment, which is exactly what his music encompasses.

Although JaQ is just in the beginning stages of his career, he has been recording music for a year and has already dropped two music videos on YouTube. While JaQ’s music inspiration mostly stems from his observations and lifelong experiences, music superstars Jay-Z, Tupac, Prince, and Micheal Jackson definitely influence his artistry, lyrically and performance-wise. As a result, there’s no way that JaQ can possibly be boxed into one genre. He has music categorized as hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and house. End all be all, JaQ wishes to inspire through his instrumentals and art, no matter the sound.

Moving forward, JaQ hopes to expand his brand and learn more about the music industry. He also would like to perform more once the pandemic is set to ease. “I want to bring more visuals to the screens so fans can see what I mean when I discuss the various topics in my spirit”, explains JaQ. With his biggest motivation being all the people in his life that believe in his music, the least that JaQ wants to do is repay that love and support.

Giving back to his community is another way that JaQ is an inspiration. Doing clean-ups for Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at coat drives for the homeless population, and counseling for the inner city youth are only a few activities that JaQ does to prioritize community. He emphasizes that “giving back is important to [him] because humans cannot make it anywhere alone. Sometimes we just need a little help”.

Currently, JaQ has released one E.P. called ‘UJaQ Unchained’ and approximately 20 singles. If you’re looking for new music and want to be entertained, to challenge social norms, or wish to be inspired by something bigger than yourself, then stream JaQ on all streaming platforms. Make sure to follow him on social media as well!

A message to his fans:  “I was to say thank you for acknowledging my existence and appreciating the hard work it takes to make your own music. I hope you continue to listen because the search has only begun.”

Instagram: 0h_jaq

YouTube: JaQ