L.E.V. JUNIOR KNOWLEDGE Delivers Vibrant New Track “Dragonflies”

January 31, 2022
January 31, 2022 Angie Churn

L.E.V. JUNIOR KNOWLEDGE Delivers Vibrant New Track “Dragonflies”

L.E.V. JUNIOR KNOWLEDGE is an independent artist who is new to the music scene and is enjoying every moment of his journey! The Arkansas artist makes music that is storytelling and if you listen to any of his songs, you will see that he loves painting a picture and hopes to connect with people and stay positive. You could describe his sound as original and authentic, and his music reflects his life that is poetry in motion that people can relate to and understand.

When asked if he could collaborate with any artist in the industry, L.E.V. JUNIOR KNOWLEDGE responded, “If I could collab with anyone in the industry…that’s a good question, I would love to do a collab with Chamillionaire or Kid Cudi, because they both influence me to look at music in a whole different way!”

This year in 2022, L.E.V. JUNIOR KNOWLEDGE hopes he can keep building off the momentum; keep sharing his love for music and the possibility of him touring, until then the hustle never stops. He hopes to leave a great legacy with his music behind for people to enjoy and get inspired too! He is back with his latest track “Dragonflies.” It is about a specific relationship with a special woman. L.E.V. JUNIOR KNOWLEDGE is truly still in love with her and no matter what they go through, she will always have his heart and still give him dragonflies! At this moment, a mixtape is in the works. It should be dropping in July and in the meantime, you can listen to his music on all streaming services!

Instagram: levjuniorknowledge

Youtube: levjuniorknowledge

Twitter: LevknowledgeJR