Majesty Is Out Here Doing It For The Culture

July 24, 2020
July 24, 2020 Angie Churn

Meet Independent artist Majesty! His name was inspired by Ancient Africa, Kings, and Queens and he wanted to associate himself with Royalty. He is born and raised in Canton, Ohio. His upbringing inspired his sound and music. He drew inspiration for film, horror movies, Civil Rights, and Pan African movements, along with Ancient Civilization. 

When asked what got him into music, Majesty explained “Couldn’t get away from music if I tried. It’s a part of me. Both of my parents are extreme lovers of music and have studied the history behind it and the upcoming of many artists. My dad has several stories of being in the Navy and being stationed here in California and having the fortunate opportunity to hear a lot of artists perform at the beginning of their career who are now legendary, in venues that are now part of music history.”

Majesty is about his music career. Musically, he wants to move the culture forward and to inform and innovate with new sounds and important topics. A goal of his is to start his own record label and production company from film to television. He also tends to help raise up broken communities and to help build. He has collaborated with Nizzy and Playboi Carti Overall, he wants to want to impact the world, particularly the black community. He is hopeful that his legacy to spark change and help with the change. Majesty’s project Abstract Insomniac was released in April and you can check out his music on all platforms!

Instagram: majestyjcent 

YouTube: majestyjcent 

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