Making His Way To The Top, Introducing Rey

February 27, 2022
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February 27, 2022 Angie Churn

Making His Way To The Top, Introducing Rey

Coming from New Jersey/New York, Rey is that new multi-cultural hit-making indie artist you have been searching for. He is currently an up & coming artist hoping that one day he will achieve to be an established platinum recording artist and be able to go on tour within the next five years. His name is inspired by the evolution of Hip Hop and his sound is described as unique and a breath of fresh air. He has stated that if he could collab with any artist in the industry it would be Baby Face Ray in regards to Hip Hop, 6Lack when it comes to R&B, and Myke Towers, Jay Wheeler, T.Y.S. when it comes to Latino Urbano. With these dream collaborations, he takes much of his motivation from two of the biggest artists in the game, Drake & Jay-Z. His next goals to his career are to go platinum, have Multi-Platinum singles, and have a 2x Platinum Project

With only being in the industry for as long as this year, he has first described the moment when he was in high school to fully decide to fully pursue music, that in which he decided he wanted to learn more about the field even more. Some of Rey’s biggest accomplishments so far is being played on the radio in New York as well in DR, and also being played in the clubs as well. While Rey was able to accomplish these great achievements, he states that he has had a lot of blockages and obstacles to overcome, having to deal with delays too, however, he adds to this by saying, “…but we’re here through the grace of God.” A piece of advice Rey wished he knew prior to entering the music industry would be, “Just do you, block out any noise & people that don’t serve your highest good, especially the people around me in that time.”

Other than the time he spends making music, Rey also likes to give back whenever he can, further stating that he does this, “…for gestures out the heart whether it’s buying or giving someone food/clothes or just showing love and talking with integrity to someone who isn’t doing better than either of us.” In addition, Rey also enjoys reading, working out, and working towards self-development.  A motto that Rey lives by is, “If I’m going anywhere, it’s probably too far.”

Rey currently writes and engineers his own songs, having currently one project and a few singles that in which he all loves, further explaining that they are all unique and not one sounds as though it has a repeated formula of records that sound the same. When it comes to being an artist, he states that he loves the freedom, creative space, and energy he gets from it. The reason why people should listen to Rey’s music is that there is literally a song for everybody. Rey is currently working on a few singles in hopes to grow a way more bigger fanbase and eventually be able to drop his first album.  If Rey were to give any advice to those who are following in his footsteps it would be, “Keep going. Don’t stop till you’re done. Not when you’re tired, when you’re done.” Additionally, if there was one message he would like to give to his fans, it would be, “ I love ya just as much as I love me, and I’m praying they grow more and more so I could spread my sound/vision/story across the world.”

You can listen to Rey’s latest single “Como Antes” on streaming platforms and be sure to follow Rey on all of his social medias to be up to date on his latest projects.

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