Mechi Man Channels Melodic Vibes Throughout His Music

February 21, 2022
February 21, 2022 Angie Churn

Mechi Man Channels Melodic Vibes Throughout His Music

Mississippi native Mechi Man views the world through music. He is an independent artist. Musically gifted; he can play the saxophone, guitar, drums, and piano. The artist would describe his sound as if techno, rock, and hip hop had a baby. He collabs with different producers on the internet and makes his own sounds to create songs.  His musical inspiration is his uncle.

As a kid, he would sit in on his uncle’s musical session and memorize the raps his uncle used to write. Mechi Man got his start in music right after he left the military. He utilized his newfound free time to focus on writing music.

The path to music may have been an easy one for Mechi Man but he has encountered a few obstacles in his life. From familial relationships to everyone telling him how his life should be. He has faced those obstacles by surrounding himself with the right people so he could stay motivated.

His favorite single of his is currently “African Daisy”. Mechi Man says he cannot get this one out of his head. Mechi Man would love for his fans to stream his music as well as stay tuned into what he has in store. There is a lot of new content coming soon so be sure to stay tapped in!

YouTube: mechicanman

Instagram: devine_mechi_entertainment