Meet Bounce Beat Black: An Artist That Is Passionate About His Craft

July 30, 2020
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July 30, 2020 Angie Churn

Bounce Beat Black is a Hip-Hop artist who is a pianist, producer, and engineer. The Maryland native has a very melodic sound with a mixture of singing and rapping. The independent artist started his music career in 2007 and started taking it seriously around 2009. Being in a GoGo band, Bounce Beat Black was the lead rapper for his band called Cash Money Band. He then joined the biggest bounce beat GoGo band in the area TCB as a keyboard player. While he was in the band he transitioned into doing his own music and that is what really set the foundation for his sound music, and of course his stage name, Bounce Beat Black.

When asked how passionate he is when it comes to his music,  Bounce Beat Black stated “Pretty much my whole life I’ve been a fan of music almost to the point that my friends looked at me as a critic when I was younger I had all the CD’s, mixtapes everything and then when I was allowed to actually go out to the logo and experience it live, I wanted to be a part of it. So I started my own band and really fell in love with it and learned how to play multiple instruments and took music lessons music really saved me cause where I was growing up at in Landover MD it was a really dark time and just being young and a product of my environment at that time music really took me out of that and put in a new space and gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people and took me places I probably would have never been.”

His mother is one of his biggest motivations. A goal of his is to retire her for good by doing something that he loves. The future generation is another big motivation of his. He wants his future family to have something passed down to them so they can be ahead of the curve in life something he never really had.

Bounce Beat Black has collaborated with Rico Nasty. She is featured in his song “More Money Than You.” He has also opened up for PnB rock at the Filmore in Silver Spring along with performing in Hollywood at the Sayers Club. He has two singles that are out now, “For You” and “Catastrophe.” He is currently working on his first album that is expected to be released in 2021. You can check out his music on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: bouncebeatblack

YouTube: Bounce Beat Black

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