Mighty Da Don is Here to Bring the Energy that the Music Game Desperately Needs

November 6, 2020
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Mighty Da Don is Here to Bring the Energy that the Music Game Desperately Needs

East Coast artist, Mighty Da Don, is as versitile as they come. Mighty Da Don wants to let y’all know that he is not a rapper. He is an artist. The independent artist writes his own music, produces, and speaks on real and relatable topics, like his musical inspirations Jay-Z and Jadakiss. Although only starting to take music seriously in 2019, Mighty Da Don is here to stay.

Mighty Da Don is here to bring energy to the table after all that he has been through. Coming from the streets, he has experienced being homeless and being in the middle of shootouts where he could have lost his life. Even then, Mighty Da Don knew that God had a bigger meaning for his life. Mighty Da Don is a natural-born leader, and people have always looked up to him despite the circumstances he has been through because of the way that he is able to mentally impact a person.

Mighty Da Don has some real goals for himself, his career, and his community. He plans to earn Grammys, change up-and-coming artists’ lives, his family’s lives, and the lives of his supportive team. Mighty Da Don wants to put everyone in a position to win. He wishes to help the youth by building learning centers around the world in order to keep children and young adults out of the streets.

As far as music, Mighty Da Don has dropped multiple singles, and his first album this year titled, “Youngin’ in Charge.” On this album, you will hear 8 songs and 1 featured artist, K Loco. This can be found on all major streaming platforms!

Currently, Might Da Don is working on his new EP and mixtapes that are coming shortly.

IG: moneymitchantics

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