Mister Vershawn is Coming to Change the Electronic Music Game with Album “SAGE”

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Mister Vershawn is Coming to Change the Electronic Music Game with Album “SAGE”

Y’all better put some respect on this man’s name! Mister Vershawn is an independent Electronic music artist with talent and brains. Not only did he earn a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, but also writes and produces all of his music from top to bottom. The Baltimore artist is also proficient at playing the piano and morphing instrumental sounds to create actual words with Talk Box!

Are you thinking that Electronic music really isn’t your vibe? Think again! Mister Vershawn knows how to flawlessly integrate Soul, Funk, and Classic R&B into his sound. To Mister Vershawn, music is his way of translating and expressing his feelings. As a performer, he is able to control a crowd, and has even brought people to tears by the way he is able to perform with his instruments alone. This coincides with what his motivation is.

Mister Vershawn is motivated by people’s reactions when hearing music. It excites him seeing people openly vibe to music without the fear of not looking “cool.” His goal is to make music that is therapeutic to the soul. To him, music should evoke emotions that make people want to dance and feel euphoric. He has been compared to huge artists who also evoke these feelings, such as Diplo, Kaytranada, and Disclosure. What a huge compliment to be compared to such widely-known artists!

Mister Vershawn has definitely been putting in the work to get to the top. As a full time accountant, the artist had to find the courage to make himself known as a serious artist, producer, and DJ. If he is not busy helping others get their finances straight, he is spending countless hours perfecting his craft in the studio.

He has released two EP’s, “Mint” and “Honey,” and has just released his first completely self-produced album, SAGE. Out of this album, six songs are instrumentals of House music mixed with worldly sounds, soul, R&B and a lot of percussion! He has also collaborated with artists to bring powerful vocals to his other three songs on SAGE. You can check out SAGE on all streaming platforms!

“Be courageous, spread your art, and claim what is destined for you.”- Mister Vershawn

Instagram: @mrvershawn

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