Ohio’s Own Miracle Releases EP “Finally Made It”

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Ohio’s Own Miracle Releases EP “Finally Made It”

Miracle makes timeless music that anyone, at any age, is sure to enjoy. His creative lyrics simply flow out the top of his head and into the mic. This Soul artist from Columbus, Ohio never uses a pen and a pad, which allows him to generate music solely off of his emotions. This true performer can also add some flair with another talent of his, such as dancing and playing musical instruments!

Ever since a young age, Miracle’s parents and teachers knew he was poetically talented. Miracle takes extreme pride in relateability, and is, thus, inspired by exceptional songwriting. He looks up to songwriters such as The Dream, Jeremih, Eric Bellinger, and Johnta Austin, in order to stay relevant to the sounds and lyrics of today’s current music; but, Miracle stays true to himself by finding a perfect balance of today’s music and what he feels in his heart.

Miracle is obviously the whole package, but it was not always a walk in the park for him. Miracle got his name by surviving an extremely invasive heart surgery at the age of 19 that ended his potential basketball career, but inspired a new career in music. He then began to work with a grammy award-winning producer who saw something exciting in Miracle, which encouraged him to see how far he could go in the music industry. He worked on creating a unique sound consisting of R&B and Soul vibes from both Old School and New School sounds. Miracle says, “I am bringing baby-making music back, strong!”

This independent artist currently has one released EP called, Finally Made It, and a single called, “I’m Hurtin’ Now,” off of his next up and coming project. You will not want to skip ANY song on this EP. You can find this smooth, sweet, baby-making music on all streaming platforms!

Miracle is working to become the hottest singer/songwriter in the game by staying real and genuine. He sees himself being respected and loved for his work ethic and hopes to collab with artists in the near future. Do not sleep on this Miracle!

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