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About us

In 2006 our founder was stuck at dead end job working day in and day out as a pizza delivery driver. While enrolled in a 4 year college our founder went to school in the day and worked during the night. While in school our founder barely had time to study because he was working until 3:30AM every day delivering pizzas.


Often getting straight A’s, our founder relized that the math wasn’t adding up at his dead in job and at school. All of America greatest wealthiest men and women were self-made.Our founders friends from the neighborhood were part of a well-known local street gang that made a lot of money selling drugs. His closest friend was a big time drug dealer who often tried to lure him into becoming a part of the drug trade with promises of fast money and glamour.


Our founder resists these temptations, warning constantly that flashy style and audacious method of dealing will get him arrested. When his friends get locked up, our founder ends up taking his school knowledge and street hustling sense to the corporate world. He graduates college and opens up a media and marketing company locally.


Our founder works and consults with industry leaders for media in the music, television, and small business sector. 


Our mission is to search for every hustler who dreams of the lifestyle of making it big and grinding their way to success.  


What is your why? Why do your Grind? Why did you hire yourself?

It’s time to fuel the hustle … #WakeHustleGrind