Phili Artist B Bentley is Here to Stay After Dropping First EP “Ecstacy”

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Phili Artist B Bentley is Here to Stay After Dropping First EP “Ecstacy”

Are y’all ready to hear an artist who sounds like legends, DMX, The Notorious B.I.G., and Future, all mixed into one? B Bentley is your man! As a self-taught producer, the independent Hip-Hop artist already had a one-up on other artists when he started rapping. B Bentley also has a knack for relatable lyrics. Just like many of us who do not like to vent our feelings to others, B Bentley uses his microphone and beats to express his emotions and feelings.

Growing up where B Bentley did in Northern Philadelphia, he feels that not many people take advantage of their dreams and talents. B Bentley utilizes this as motivation to become successful because he knows that people are depending on him to make it out and are rooting for his triumphs. He possesses the type of work ethic that people can respect, even if they do not necessarily like him.

B Bentley knows the prison life all too well, but has changed his life around since then. He yearns to impact the underdogs who have been neglected, backstabbed, and lied to in order to turn their pain into redemption and truth. He is currently working on expanding his brand and opportunities by creating his own record label, C4 Entertainment Group.

Recently, B Bentley has dropped his EP “Ecstacy” that can be rocked to on all streaming platforms! He’s also put in the work, visually, with a collection of videos coming on his Youtube channel below!

BBently is coming and is here to STAY!

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