Promising Phili Hip Hop Artist Em Savage Releases Album “Invisible Thoughts Two”

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Promising Phili Hip Hop Artist Em Savage Releases Album “Invisible Thoughts Two”

If you want to listen to an artist who surprises you with every single, Em Savage is the way to go! Philadelphia’s promising independent Hip-Hop artist, Em Savage, is far from repetitive with his music. He personally depicts himself as someone who never tries to blend in with the sounds that other rappers are trying to fit under.

As someone who went through such traumatic hardships at a young age, music was a way to express thoughts that he could not explain to anyone else. Em Savage has witnessed close friends and family pass away and become incarcerated, and for these reasons, he is motivated to make it out as the underdog. The artist is genuine with his lyrics, and for that, he has even had fans message him to show gratitude for his lyrics getting them through tough times.

As for his accomplishments, Em Savage was recognized by fellow Phili Hip-Hop artist, PnB Rock, for his song, “S L A T.” Although Em Savage is just getting started, he is already receiving recognition from big artists in the game, like PnB Rock!

Em Savage recently released his album, Invisible Thoughts Two, that is a sequel to his 2018 album, Invisible Thoughts. On this newest album, you will find twelve well put together songs, with two artists featured. You can stream this on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube!

Keep up with Em Savage on:

  • Instagram: @EmSavageee 
  • YouTube: Em Savage 
  • Twitter: EmSavage3
  • TikTok: Em Savage 

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