Rapper Ajay Luciano Sets Himself Apart from Other Up and Coming Artists

October 25, 2020
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October 25, 2020 admin

Rapper Ajay Luciano Sets Himself Apart from Other Up and Coming Artists

Tennessee rapper, Ajay Luciano, gives the music industry a breath of fresh air with his ability to throw in hints of pop and jazz into his Hip-Hop/Rap music. Although he only started taking his music career to the next level a year and a half ago, Ajay Luciano writes his own music and creates a sound that can reach a wide variety of listeners.

Ajay Luciano knew that music came naturally to him at an early age. He used to rap for fun for his family and friends. Ajay Luciano says everyone in his circle encouraged him to take rapping seriously, even if it started out as being just for fun and admiring his older cousin in the studio. He is inspired by artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, and Young Thug, and has also been compared to Gunna!

Ajay Luciano’s work ethic definitely sets him apart from other up and coming artists. Although super hungry, Ajay Luciano is extremely humble and is always craving knew knowledge. He does not take short cuts and loves putting in the work in order to become successful. The independent artist hopes to, therefore, impact everyone that he can, “…without bringing a negative vibe- from kids to elders, if I can.” Some of his very attainable goals include marketing himself and earning a solid fan following.

Although he has yet to perform for a live audience, do not sleep on Ajay Luciano! The rapper dropped his first EP this year titled, “Hold Up, I’m Coming,” which has over 25k streams and counting, and plans to release more singles in the months to come. He recently dropped a single this month called, “Back Outside,” where you will definitely hear Gunna vibes! You can keep up with Ajay Luciano’s music on all major streaming platforms, plus watch his visuals on his Youtube Channel below.

  • IG: ajayluciano9
  • Facebook: Ajay Luciano
  • YouTube Channel: Ajay Luciano
  • TikTok: ajayluciano9
  • SnapChat: ajayofmme
  • Twitter: ajayluciano

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