Rapper DLP Brings Latin Flair to West Coast Hip-Hop

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Rapper DLP Brings Latin Flair to West Coast Hip-Hop

Los Angeles, California’s very own, DLP, is sure to change the music game with the energy that he brings to the industry. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, DLP takes inspiration from his Latin roots, and blends that with West Coast Hip-Hop to create a sound that anyone can rock to. The independent artist, signed to his own label, Medboyz, also writes his own lyrics and was born to become a performer and entertainer.

DLP has always been one to rap and freestyle, but started to take it to the next level by creating a studio in his house with his hard earned money from acting in commercials and directing. His friends saw his potential and suggested creating a song with Latin vibes, thus, “Fuego” ft. Suave, was born.

DLP aspires to impact people who are trying to find themselves. The rapper believes that he would not know where he would currently be in life if he had not come across some of the positive content that inspired him. Being captivated by visiting Africa, DLP hopes to work with the Mombasa government to help create business deals in order to connect African celebrities and up-and-coming acts with American entertainment industries. DLP has since worked with African rapper, Ommy Dimpoz, on his hit song, “Show Me.”

DLP, short for his last name, De La Paz, sees himself embarking on a journey similar to West Coast legend, Ice Cube. DLP’s talent runs far deeper than creating marketable music. The artist can also act and dance, and is confident that the world will see him in movies and television shows as well. He is currently working on creating his own television series called, “The Intern,” to be released on Instagram in which he is directing, producing, and acting.

Tap in to DLP’s list of songs and his EP, “So Fly,” released this year! You can find them on all streaming platforms, and expect more singles and visuals to come this year as well.

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