Brandon Ravenell Is Back With His Newest Video, “I Wanna”

January 20, 2021
January 20, 2021 Angie Churn

Brandon Ravenell Is Back With His Newest Video, “I Wanna”

Brandon Ravenell is an artist from Charleston, South Carolina who is setting the tone in the music industry. His love for music began at the age of 5 and knew he was destined for grateness from the jump. As an artist, he sings not only to inspire but to share his life experiences with the world. Brandon Ravenell is not your average performer. He is a songwriter, a musician, singer, producer, and entertainer. Receiving positive feedback from his listeners has strengthened his decision to continue to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a musician.

You can really hear Brandon Ravenell tap into his R&B side in his newest single, “I Wanna” which he released earlier this month. Not only did he dropped the single, he released the visual to go along with it which has received over 65,000 views on YouTube. The song was chosen out of 4 snippets that he had posted on his social media and gave his followers the opportunity to choose which one they thought was that best one. The visual features him enjoying the company from a lucky lady while singing and letting us know his true intentions.

This is definitely the beginning for Brandon Ravenell. With his melodic sound and vibes, he is an artist who sets himself apart from the rest while remaining true to himself. He is currently working on new projects along with getting about 50 songs under his belt. Be sure to stay tuned and check out “I Wanna” available now on all platforms!

Instagram: BrandonRavenell

YouTube Channel:  Brandon Ravenell