R&B Artist Frederick Daniel Emmerson Drops Newest Single “Wanna Love You”

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R&B Artist Frederick Daniel Emmerson Drops Newest Single “Wanna Love You”

Frederick Daniel Emmerson has already blessed your ears with his single, “Can I Love You,” that was released this year. Get excited for, “Wanna Love You,” featuring Tommy Will that’ll get some of you feeling like he’s speaking about yo’ life! In essence, Emmerson is singing on the subject of relationships. The woman he wants to be with has friends who feel like he is not ready for a relationship. In contrast, the artist claims he will do what it takes to change his ways for this deserving woman. Sound a lot like you? Well, keep reading!

Emmerson gives us that late 80s and early 90s sound that we all know and love, similar to New Edition and Jon B. He is inspired by big names in the game such as Usher, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake, and his sound definitely shows for it! He was previously in a boy band, with the name, Freddy P, but has branched out on his own and is thriving under the name of Frederick Daniel Emmerson! This independent artist sure knows how to push through setbacks and come out on top! 

In the words of Emmerson, “No setback is permanent, and as long as you have vision and faith, you can get through anything.” In 2018, the Los Angeles artist was diagnosed with a rare infection that just about cost him his life. Frederick Daniel Emmerson pulled through and beat Valley Fever, all while starting his own music company, “Urban Pop Music & Film.” If that doesn’t show you devotion, we don’t know what does!

The R&B artist is different from other artists. Instead of listening to genres similar to his own when recording music, he completely stops listening to music altogether when it is time for him to throw it down in the studio. Frederick Daniel Emmerson feels that although he does get compared to Omarion and The Dream, he would just rather be himself. You will never catch him riding a wave that is already existing.

Emmerson is a top dog in level of relatability to his fans through his lyrics. We definitely see him signing with a major label in the near future, and becoming one of the most successful R&B singers of our time. 

You will not regret checking out his newest released single, “Can I Love You,” found on all streaming platforms!

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