Singa B: Using Music as a Weapon

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Singa B: Using Music as a Weapon

He’s an artist, a rebel, a CEO, a trendsetter, and a pioneer- He’s Singa B! Growing up, people always knew he was special. Voted “Most Likely to be Famous” in high school, Singa B will stop at nothing to make that happen. The artist of Jamaican descent is currently living in Los Angeles to better his chances of becoming the next big thing! With unique soul, rap, rock, and reggae sounds, Singa B gives his fans a Trap Soul vibe.

Singa B has vowed to use music as his personal weapon. He describes music by saying, “There are no rules, no limits, and no expectations when it comes to creating music… Everything is music- crying, laughing, fucking, eating, fighting, living, dying, creating, inspiring, loving, learning, and even being ignorant.” With a mind this visionary, it is no surprise that Singa B writes all of his own lyrics and can flawlessly freestyle. The independent artist even makes his own beats, engineers, goes crazy on the guitar, and knows how to bust a move!

Singa B takes significant inspiration from ground-breaking artists such as Bob Marley, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown. With inspirations like these, it is no wonder that Singa B wants to use his platform to bring substance and true artistry back to the current music industry. To Singa B, the art of crafting music is not something to be taken lightly. He describes this saying, “My music reflects my culture, my ancestry, my future, and our present.”

Singa B displays standout vocals and does not need an ounce of autotune. Since 2007, the artist has released 8 albums, 8 mixtapes, and 1 LP. He is currently working on an album titled, Yellow Caution Tape 3, and is releasing a single named, “All I Got,” dropping August 6th!

Singa B wishes to leave y’all with this important message: “No one is at the top forever, but while I’m here, I’m going to make sure I shift the creative view back to where it needs to be.”

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