Slo-Mo Coming Up Real Fast With His New Single “We On”

February 24, 2022
February 24, 2022 Angie Churn

Slo-Mo Coming Up Real Fast With His New Single “We On”

Being an independent artist isn’t easy, especially coming from nothing. He co-produces, does a little mixing, and writes his own lyrics. Slo-Mo was nicknamed this after “the streets”, as he says because he was a slow runner and just always moved at a slow pace. But by the looks of it, Slo-Mo seems to be moving at a great pace in his career. 

Slo-Mo is a down-to-earth guy and makes sure to incorporate his friends and family into his music. He didn’t describe himself as the life of the party but he likes a good party and is very social and loves to network which is a good skill to have in the industry. For example one of his singles, “We On” on his LP “The Grey Area Project”, talks about how he wants all his people to rise up with him and to show people what you’re capable of doing in a humble way. 

One of Slo-Mo’s biggest accomplishments was performing at The House Of Blues before the pandemic and at The Greek for the “Up In Smoke” tour where ‘WAR’ brought him and ‘Big Flats’ out unexpectedly to freestyle. While he was on this tour he met Cheech and Chong and even had Slo under their arms singing “Why Can’t We Be Friends”. IMAGINE THAT! In addition, something that made him extremely happy was getting a compliment from Lonnie Jordan saying how Slo is a great writer while his performance at The House Of Blues. 

In the next 5 years, Slo-Mo hopes to have his own book series out and have more projects working and released. Some advice he wants to give to people following in his footsteps or anyone trying to achieve their dreams would be “Remember that dreams don’t always happen when you want them to but stay with it.” I personally agree with this because you will be shot down and hear a lot of no’s before getting to that one yes so never stop working towards your goals. Make sure to check out Slo-Mo on Instagram @slomo_vizion and on Youtube as “Slo-Mo”.