South Carolina Rapper Reesey Money is on the Rise

October 27, 2020
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South Carolina Rapper Reesey Money is on the Rise

South Carolina artist, Reesey Money, is an independent artist ready to pop off in the Hip-Hop world. His single, “Mickey,” released this year caught some buzz in his city, and has now reached over 50k streams on just Spotify alone! He has also gone on tour with legendary rapper, Da Baby. Reesey Money’s sound can be described as something atypical from the usual sounds in his home state. Reesey Money’s flow is laid back because of his personality, but also brings the heat when it’s time to turn it up.

Music has always been in Reesey Money’s soul, even when he hadn’t recognized his talent yet. His older cousins encouraged him to spit some lines for fun, but ended up seeing something special in him. Reesey Money started to take it seriously after realizing people saw great potential in his abilities. What gave Reesey Money confidence was knowing that people were vibing with his sound and rooting for him. He says, “It feels good when people you don’t know from a can of paint go out [of] their way and hit you up to tell you that you are raw!”

Reesey Money is on a mission to reach as many souls as possible with his music. He wants his fans to be able to feel like he’s rapping about their lives through his music. The relatable artist states, “No matter what background you come from, you can relate to what I say in my music.” Reesey Money is all about empowering others. After music, he sees himself owning his own land to build businesses on to be able to create jobs and opportunities for his community.

This year, Reesey Money has dropped the singles, “Mickey,”and “Slide,” but is cooking up an album that will be released this year titled, Now or Never Reloaded. Reesey Money is climbing his way to the top! All his music can be found on all major streaming platforms.

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