Tap In with The Sexy Savage, Chicago Rapper Tookey

September 11, 2020
September 11, 2020 admin

Hip-Hop’s next sexy savage, Tookey, is coming to bring some flair to the female rap game. Tookey writes all of her own music and can definitely hold her own when it comes to freestyling, which many rappers who have been in the game for years can’t even master. With that talent alone, she empowers women to bring out the natural bosses in themselves. Tookey strives to impact young women who do not believe in themselves. She wants to use her platform to show that nothing happens overnight saying, “Nothing comes to a sleeper, but a dream.”

Tookey grew up in Chicago, Illinois around a musical family. Both of her parents were house head DJs, but she only started taking music seriously about 3 years ago! Tookey always knew that music was her passion, but held back out of fear of people judging. She then came to a point where she took her future into her own hands. Tookey wasted no time after that. The day she decided to pursue music as a career is the same day she booked studio time to immediately record the very first song she wrote!

Tookey didn’t let those baby steps hinder her dreams. She used them as fuel and explains that everything starts with small steps because nothing happens overnight. Now, she is being compared to female greats such as the City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion, who also happen to be artists that she currently looks up to! Tookey even wishes to take it a step further and start her own clothing, shoe, perfume, and lip line for all major retail stores.

The female artist definitely brings all of the “bad bitch” energy she glows into her lyrics. Last year she released her first EP, “Something Wicked,” and has released two singles this year titled, “Shorty Wanna,” and “See If You Can Last.” Listeners can join in on the bad bitch energy by finding Tookey on all major streaming platforms!

Instagram – toookeyy
Facebook- Tookey Slays
Youtube Channel- Toookeyy
TikTok- Toookeyy
Snapchat- Tookeyz

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