Toker Coleone Preaches Patience and Giving Back To Your Community, Even As A Rising Star

December 14, 2021
December 14, 2021 Angie Churn

Toker Coleone Preaches Patience and Giving Back To Your Community, Even As A Rising Star

Image from "Hocus Pocus" Music Video,  InsomniaMusicGroup Films

Written by: Nate Cardenas

San Diego product, Toker Coleone is the latest rising artist to come from southern California but unlike his peers, he isn’t in a rush to reach where he wants to be. Being in the industry for sometime and also not achieving stardom yet has given Coleone a rare skill set of wisdom and hunger that most artists don’t have. 

With that time put into the industry, you gain a certain level of knowledge that people who just break into don’t have. Coleone said,  “I wish I knew to have more patience and not be cavalier with my finances.” 

When he’s not working a sales job to fuel and fund his music dreams, Toker Coleone loves to give back to the San Diego community. When asked about why it is so important to give back, he said, “Community events and giving back to the community is what I’ve been doing since a youngster. It’s important to give back because when all is gone the community is all you gon have to fall back on…The children are the future, remember that.”

Describe your Image. 

“I glorify a lot of street shit because I was raised by the streets as corny as it sounds.. I didn’t have either of my parents growing up and when moms was there I wasn’t there. My Image is what I been thru and what my struggle made me.”

If you could collaborate with any artist in the industry, who would it be? 

“It was nipsey. But now I think it would have to be Roddy rich.”

What are your 2021 – 2022 career goals?

Right now I work in a career that has me [as a ] full-time customer service sales [in the] the car rental industry right now. Why I want to pursue my career would be music ain’t paying the bills so far so I just got to stay focused on my bag.

Who is your biggest motivation?

These streets, my family, and the future.

You can stream his new single, ‘30 For Life’ on YouTube, as he describes it as, “One of my most real projects I’ve done. It’s not my full story, more of a summary of shit I’ve been thru.” Link down below. 

Twitter: @TokerColeone

Instagram: @tokercoleone392