UnLearn The World Talks That Talk In His Newest Album “Crowns”

January 7, 2022
January 7, 2022 Angie Churn

UnLearn The World Talks That Talk In His Newest Album “Crowns”

UnLearn The World is an independent artist who was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York but is now based in The Bay Area, California. Not only is he a full-time Hip-Hop artist, but he is also an educator who continues to build and expand his brand. He goes on to say “I feel like I’m hitting a stride where people are really connecting to my message and love watching the progress of the movement I’ve been building for YEARS! I’m grateful for where I’m at and I’m putting all the pieces together to make things bigger and better. The culture needs this.”

When asked where his musical inspiration comes from, UnLearn The World responded “It comes from a lot of the self-work I’ve been doing my whole life to heal and give meaning to my upbringing and experiences; everything from spirituality to relationships, I find inspiration in all of it to create my art. It could be a cool song from a movie or even a dope party I went to, all of it is here for me to create art out of it and push people to think deeper.”

Some goals UnLearn The World would like to achieve are to continue to build momentum, make great music, and share his truth. His biggest motivation is his children. He goes on to say “I look at them every day, watch them grow, watch them laugh and slowly become who they’re meant to me. It’s my job to make this world a better place for them to take the torch and carry things forward.”

In his most recent release, “Crowns” UnLearn The World shares his creativity, and his truth. UnLearn The World is currently working on big collaborations with some major artists, some amazing music videos, including a visual mixtape, and headlining a show with a live band. 2022 is going to be a legendary year for UnLearn The World and a milestone moment in his career. “I am getting all the stars to align soon.” Be sure to check out his music available on all streaming services!

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