V.I. The Boss Drops Latest Project “Intro”

July 18, 2020 Katherine Molina

V.I. The Boss from Chicago, Illinois, is a cutthroat independent artist that is taking the industry by storm. His versatile sound and ability to play with different genre styles is what sets him apart from the rest. V.I The Boss writes and produces his own music straight from his home studio. Formally known as Vicious, the independent artist changed his name when he was grinding day in and day out to support his family. V.I The Boss has opened shows for Twista, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Meek Mill, Tech9 and the list goes on!

Independent Artist, V.I. The Boss began to make music at a young age when he would stay at his grandmother’s house. He said, “one day I just started putting words together that rhymed and started spiting it to my friends and they thought it was good so I just ran with it I was around 10 years old.”

In 2005, he was picked to be on a television show titled, Half and Half. He was one of the 5 top contestants and had a shot to work with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and MC Lyte.

However, due to being in trouble with the system he did not take the opportunity seriously. Everybody in his neighborhood had believed that it was his big break. “At that time no one I knew had ever been on TV so everybody who knew me thought it was so big like I made it and I was a hood celebrity from that point.” He explained, “I still don’t believe I have reached my pinnacle in life and I am still on that journey now like nip say the marathon continues.”

Growing up V.I The Boss was in and out of the foster system. He says music was a way to express himself and to tell his story hoping that others could also relate. The independent artist says watching his mom bounce back from her battle with addiction and his late father has motivated him to keep on pushing.

“Every time I wanted to give up and just say fuck this music shit something always brought me back to life to keep me going.” He explained, “I never gave up on anything I’m not a quitter you either like my music or you don’t.”

Aside from music, V.I The Boss also writes films. He is preparing to shoot his first movie this fall! The project will be written and directed by the Chicago native himself!

V.I. The Boss is putting in work! He said, “I’m currently just dropping freestyles or singles I have over 100 songs completed but I’m choosing not to release another project until I get my fan base back together seeing that I took a break from music for two years.”

In fact, he dropped his latest project “INTRO” dropped on YouTube TODAY! Check it out down below!

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