WesCovDru: From Humble Beginnings to Accomplishments

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WesCovDru: From Humble Beginnings to Accomplishments

WesCovDru is a diehard of the city none other than West Covina, California. Although he moved from city to city growing up, “It’s still West Covina to the grave!” in the words of the independent artist. Here, he graduated, had his son, discovered his passion for music, and became reconnected with his Lord and Savior.

WesCovDru cannot be categorized into one specific genre. His versatility is shown by creating Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop tracks. Just like his music, WesCovDru’s goals are nothing shy of visionary. In his words, “My goals aren’t like everyone else’s. I honestly do not care about the fame and the spotlight, or being the best out. I just want to live life doing what I’m passionate about and getting paid to do so.” The artist also wishes to glorify God’s name throughout the process. WesCovDru turns to the Lord whenever he feels complacent or unproductive.

Teaching the youth to practice self-love would be considered a major component in success, according to WesCovDru. Because making a positive impact on the youth is a cause near and dear to his heart, WesCovDru does not promote gangs, violence, sex, or drugs in his lyrics. Because he had a rough childhood of his own with separated parents, an incarcerated father, and living in and out of motels, the artist is passionate about teaching the younger generations about perseverance!

The perseverance is definitely paying off because WesCovDru is currently working on a song that PNB Rock will also be featured on! An OVO producer reached out to WesCovDru regarding a mixtape he is creating with many celebrity artists and unsigned artists that he saw potential in. Congrats are in order to WesCovDru for making it!

Although WesCovDru has yet to drop an EP, help grow his fan base by supporting his plethora of singles on all streaming platforms!

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