With Confidence Comes Accomplishments: Meet SWAG OD

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With Confidence Comes Accomplishments: Meet SWAG OD

Make way for SWAG OD from Santa Ana, California! This Hip-Hop artist definitely has the confidence needed for the music industry! He stands out because he is blessed with the gift of gab. In his words, “I could dress, I’m handsome, I’m book smart and street smart. All the ladies love me.” Okay, SWAG OD, go on with your bad self! 

SWAG OD’s name comes from always dressing to impress since elementary school in Harvey, Illinois. “OD” stands for a number of phrases such as “out due,” “on demand,” and “overly dedicated.” SWAG OD definitely puts this confidence to work when it comes to performing and writing his own music. As someone who grew up during the Dipset and Bape era, SWAG OD attributes a lot of his style to artists such as Cam’ron, Pharrell, and Lil Wayne. He compares himself to big names such as California legends, Mac Dre and Suga Free. 

SWAG OD has always been told that he’s an old soul. His parents were musically talented themselves, and got him familiar with old school artists such as Stevie Wonder and The Temptations. The independent artist used to record himself singing over these artists, and thus, always knew that he was meant to be a performer. SWAG OD used to describe himself as just being the hype man for his rapper friends, but knew he needed to step up to their level once he felt the trill of performing in front of a crowd. He then started to take his career seriously in 2012 when he recorded his first single, “The Mac.”

Early on in his career, SWAG OD opened for the late and great Nipsey Hussle at The Observatory in Santa Ana, which is a huge accomplishment! It is only up from there! The artist is working on building a solid fan base. He just released his new single, “IZM,” with a visual to go along with it. You can check out this, and his EP “The High” from 2018, on all streaming platforms!

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